I would be happy to accompany you on your journey.

Here are few examples of things we can do together:

To experience the emotional baggage fully until they become our friends.
Freedom from identification with the inner content.
Having a tender and loving attitude towards all places inside us.
Learning Meditation in a useful way for our life and ourselves.
Feeling the inner body in a way that brings peacefulness to us.
Applying the material by Eckhart Tolle.
Knowing ourselves.

Things that can be achieved:

Loving ourselves.
Feeling comfortable with our body.
Physical and emotional balance - including situations of anxiety or fear.
Managing and organizing our time as we want.
Happy life.
Emotional pains that are healed with love around them.
Familiarity with the now, this moment, our true essence, presence.
The ability to say yes or no to things or people.
Successful relationships
Good communication with myself and the world.

Meetings are given through Zoom.