My name is Michal and I have been an instructor for about fourteen years. I like to enable people to develop and have studied a variety of training and healing fields over the years. Below I have listed the study tracks.
I guide working with the burden of human pain, self-love, fulfillment, awareness, meditation, bringing loving attention to our inner contents, saying no and other topics.

I came to the world of guidance and healing in 1999. I started learning about myself and deepened my studies to empower others over time.

My sources of study 
Bachelor's degree B.A. In the behavioral sciences - psychology, sociology and anthropology.
Kung Fu studies - healing and health, meditation, movement and self-defense - Shamballa Kung-Fu Academy.
Studies in the art of ability - self-guidance studies and the guidance of others - the school of the art of ability.
Meditation studies - the school of useful meditation.
The Journey Method - Physical and Emotional Healing: Brandon Bays International School.
Healing studies - Tova Eldad.
Presence in the moment and the transformation of the "body of pain" - seminars under the guidance of Eckhart Tolle in the USA, Australia, London, Paris.
Personal training studies - the Israeli branch of the CTI World School.
Personal training studies - Beni Margaliot Coach Training Center.

At a retreat with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Ang in Australia 2008

A little about me and the process I went with emotions:

I love to fulfill things, to write, guide, enjoy life, learn, and evolve!
I like to empower myself and the world.

Through deep study and in-depth investigation of emotions, I realized that emotions we tend to define as "negative" are not bad, they don't arrive to annoy us, and they are not an enemy. They simply want to heal and we can direct attention to them and be at peace with them, Without becoming them

Without the practical knowledge on how to direct attention to the emotions and feel them fully in a way that liberates us, people are usually becoming the emotions, struggling with them or repressing them. A proper understanding of this topic brings joy, relief, happiness, and ease.

Although I wanted to think I was accepting all my emotions, I have classified all emotions as pleasant and unpleasant and wanted just pleasant emotions, seeing negative emotions as unwanted and bad.

I realized that a healthy place in us is to allow all emotions to be experienced. To Love all emotions, including those that we classify as negative.

I learned to experience emotional baggage deeply, to be thankful when a painful emotion arises because then I have the opportunity to bring awareness and gentle attention to it, and how emotions are actually the gateway to enlightenment

I discovered, in a practical way, how we can cure any physical or emotional patterns through deep work with our unresolved emotions :)