Hi, nice to meet you here
I wish for all of us to feel loved inside and out
To know not to take personally the things that are not connected to us (and most things, have nothing to do with us but are connected to the other person)
That we will open to our essence, to our true self

May we accept ourselves for all that is in us
May we learn to bring compassion and space to the emotional pain we have accumulated during life. And wishing is to bring love inside

And a little about what I do:

I enjoy empowering people, seeing them in the process of development, helping them bring healing attention to themselves or to something in their lives, being with them in a moment of acceptance or a new understanding.
I believe in practical learning that can be applied and less in theories.

A pleasant moment, for example, is when a person feels an emotion, thought, feeling or some pain that was in him or her, that until that moment did not receive love or was seen as a problem or distraction, and now this place receives a loving and healing space.

In the context of internal content, usually our tendency is to want to throw this thing away.

That the physical feeling we have will already disappear, that this thought will change or that we will feel different from what we feel now.

We can learn to bring love and healing to every place within us.